Our Story

The story of Cardiology Coffee began with Dr. Jack Wolfson - a nationally-recognized cardiologist, husband, father, best-selling author and avid coffee drinker.

As a cardiologist, he found most conventional coffee sold at supermarkets and warehouse stores were filled with molds, pesticides and other contaminants. Plus, even most organic coffee available didn’t taste great. Determined to drink a toxin-free, heart-friendly and tasty cup of coffee, he founded Cardiology Coffee.

Science clearly demonstrates that coffee has many health and healing benefits, yet many of those benefits are lost due to the way most coffee is produced and processed for sale in America. From day one, Cardiology Coffee has focused on heart health, product safety, and great taste.

Cardiology Coffee tastes great and is great for your health.

Our Coffee

Our coffee is ethically-sourced and grown in Honduras by women seeking economic independence to support their families. These women formed their own cooperative in 1993 and have grown their farmland from that single hectare to 37 hectares. They also have a wet mill, drying patios, and a compost production plant that have helped foster coffee quality.
Thanks to the success of the association, many of the women have been able to purchase their own land, perpetuating economic stability and freedom while breaking a cycle of abuse.
The premium coffee they supply to us is USDA certified organic, hand selected and free of contaminants and pesticides.

Giving Back

We donate 5% of all sales to Friends of Honduran Children.

Friends of Honduran Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food, clothing, shelter and educational support to at-risk children in Honduras. Their organization helps enable these children to lead self-sufficient and productive lives as adults.

Please visit their website to learn more.

  • Tested for toxins

    And found free of pesticides, mold, mycotoxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other contaminants

  • Roasted for health

    Thanks to smokeless roasting technology, which maximizes antioxidants and minimizes acrylamide

  • Cardiologist approved

    Our coffee was developed to the exacting specifications of coffee lover Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson