Best Coffee Filters: Keep What’s Good and Let Go of the Rest

Best Coffee Filters: Keep What’s Good and Let Go of the Rest

What's the big deal about coffee filters; isn't one filter just as good as another? The truth is, for most people, their coffee filters may be one of the things easily overlooked when brewing a perfect pot of coffee. Your chosen filter, however, has a huge impact on both the flavor and health of your coffee.

Coffee filters aren't just useful for keeping grounds out of your cup of joe; they also determine the amount of oils (terpenes) that are absorbed into the final product. Oils are responsible largely for coffee's distinctive flavor. Some coffee filter styles (such as metal) help to retain oil, delivering a more robust flavor. It is essential to note that terpenes can be associated with higher cholesterol levels in heavy coffee drinkers. This can have an effect on heart health. Research has documented that properly filtered coffee is best for a healthy heart

Selecting the right coffee filter is crucial for best flavor and health. You'll want to choose a filter that takes the most advantage of the flavors and health benefits, at a price that will best meet your needs. Refer to the following list of our favorite filters to help ensure that you end up with the best brew possible.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Filter: 

Paper coffee filters are by far the least expensive and most common choice. This type of filter will be a continuing cost as they are disposable and must be replaced every time you brew coffee. Buying this type of filter in bulk is a wise choice to minimize your cost per filter. We recommend unbleached paper filters that are biodegradable to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals used in the bleaching process. Unbleached filters maintain their natural brown color, and have less of an environmental impact, making these a good choice in this category. When purchasing a disposable filter, make sure you not only use the proper shape and size for your brewing machine but also think about the paper's thickness. Less expensive paper filters are often thinner, allowing water to pass through much more rapidly, negatively affecting the final cup of coffee. Paper filters remove more oils out of the coffee than other filter types. The result is a much lighter-bodied, brighter coffee. If you enjoy a lighter body in your brew, unbleached paper filters will be a great choice. 

Reusable coffee filters cost more up front, but can reduce your cost over time. When selecting a reusable filter, choose a fine mesh gold tone filter for increased durability and lifespan. A quality metal filter should last years, making it a great value over its lifetime. One thing to remember is that reusable filters must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Another point to consider is that metal filters don't remove as much of the natural oil from the coffee, so more will end up in your cup. This results in a more bold and rich flavor compared to coffee prepared with paper filters. If you love bolder coffee, this could be the filter for you!

Our Top Picks: 

For Drip Coffee Makers:

Gold Tone Washable Coffee Filter

Reusable Oval Filter

Compostable Unbleached Filters


For Pour Over Carafes:

Chemex Disposable Filters

Hemp Reusable Cone Filter

Reusable Stainless Steel Filter

Whichever filter type you ultimately decide to go with, keeping the above points in mind will help ensure that you gain the most possible enjoyment from each cup of coffee you brew. Don't let inferior filters negatively affect your morning beverage. Choose wisely!

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