By Dr. Jack Wolfson
Jan 26, 2021

I have done a ton of research on coffee. This led me to dozens of studies regarding the heart health and overall health benefits of coffee. 

After years of studying the data, I decided to launch my own coffee company. And so, Cardiology Coffee was born, offering an organic, mold mycotoxin-free super healthy beverage. 

And it’s delicious. 

But the healthiest coffee is only part of the story. After all, 99% of what you consume in a cup of coffee is not the compounds of the bean.  

It’s the water!

Yes, the water you use for your coffee is incredibly important.


Now I’ve been a water snob for years. Tap water is full of pollutants such as chlorine, fluoride, metals and even pharmaceuticals. Filtered and reverse osmosis are okay but lead to “dead” water.

The above is why we recommend using Pristine Hydro water for your coffee (and everything else). 

Five years ago, we met the team that invented the Pristine Hydro system and have been recommending it ever since. Since 2015, we have dozens of patients and clients who LOVE their water. 

Here is why. 

Pristine uses a proprietary 10 stage process to:

1. Remove all contaminants from tap/well.

2. Add minerals back to the final product.

3. Oxygenate the water.

4. Restructure the water (think fresh mountain stream).

Even high-priced spring waters are subject to the toxic conditions in the air and soil. Again, the spring is fed from our environment. This used to be a magical situation. In our modern world, we just can’t trust it. 

So, check out our page on Pristine Hydro water for your coffee and all your drinking/cooking needs.

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