By Dr. Jack Wolfson
Feb 04, 2021

Coffee tends to stir controversy. Is it good or bad? To me, the literature is quite clear. But in this post, let’s focus on coffee and cholesterol.

First, it is important to highlight that not all coffee is created equal. Not by a longshot. The majority of coffees on the market are heavily sprayed with chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Furthermore, black coffee is vastly different from blended coffee drinks, such as frappuccinos or lattes. While the latter may taste good to some people (I am a black coffee guy), the toxic load you are putting on your body with the added sugar and synthetic additives is a recipe for inflammatory disaster

A Quick Cholesterol Review? 

Cholesterol is not the boogeyman mainstream medicine makes it out to be, it’s actually quite beneficial and serves as a protective mechanism to help reduce inflammation.


1) Is a large part of the cell membrane, the fence that determines what belongs inside and outside of the cell. Also a large component of organelles inside the cell.

2) Is converted by sunlight into vitamin D

3) Is the building block for our sex hormones

4) Gets converted into cortisol and aldosterone

5) Assists in digestion as a major component of bile

Cholesterol travels around the body inside LDL and HDL. Elevated levels of LDL are not necessarily an issue. Damaged LDL particles are an issue.

And coffee prevents LDL damage, according to this study. Coffee is a tremendous antioxidant.

Coffee and Lipids

Most studies show that coffee increases HDL numbers. This is a good thing. Coffee may also increase LDL, but this may not be a bad thing IF coffee increases LDL size.

This recent 2020 study found that filtered coffee did NOT raise LDL.

The most important cholesterol numbers are actually ratios of LDL to HDL. Coffee may raise both and therefore the ratio is preserved. Or coffee may raise HDL, but not LDL, therefore the ratio goes down.

If coffee reduces oxidized LDL, the really bad stuff, this is more evidence of why coffee is a winner.

Of course, you should get tested for advanced particle information. Contact us if you are interested in this testing.


Coffee has a positive effect on your cholesterol and other lipids.

The above is why we developed Cardiology Coffee.

From our hearts to yours.

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