DIY Pour Over Iced Coffee

DIY Pour Over Iced Coffee

I  love a steaming mug of my favorite cuppa joe, however, on certain occasions, like a warm sunny afternoon, I find myself gravitating to a tall refreshing glass of iced coffee.

A few months ago, I sought to find a new method for making iced coffee that wouldn't require the planning of cold-brewing my coffee overnight (because who thinks that far in advance about their coffee?!). I switched to the pour over method after I bought my Chemex pour over and haven't looked back!

The following recipe is a game changer  because it makes a fresh, delicious cup (or cups) of iced coffee in the same amount of time it takes to brew a hot carafe.

This technique is so simple:  you use the exact same coffee to water ratio,  but you only add half the amount of brewing water and the other half from the ice cubes!  It's super simple! You make double-strong coffee and as the ice cubes melt, the coffee  slowly cools and is perfectly diluted to the proper strength. The ratio of coffee grounds to water is a personal preference, but set a "note to self" to replace half of the water with an equal amount of ice cubes. My own coffee to water ratio for iced coffee is roughly this: 

For regular coffee, I use 2 T coffee per 8 oz of water. But for my iced coffee, I use 2 T coffee, 4 oz of water and 4 large ice cubes. Easy peasy!


  • 2T ground coffee
  • 4 oz water
  • 4 ice cubes, large
  • Milk of choice (I prefer raw cream or organic coconut milk)
  • Optional:  sweetener of choice (I prefer raw honey)
  • Toppings:  sprinkle with cinnamon, whipped organic cream or coconut cream, raw cacao nibs, etc. 


Make double strength coffee (using just  half the amount of water) with the pour-over method. Place 4 ice cubes into a glass. Start pouring the coffee slowly over the ice cubes. Add a splash of your favorite milk/cream of choice (make it organic) and sweetener, if desired, to taste. I love using a touch of raw honey and cream. Makes 1 serving. Enjoy thoroughly! 

You can easily adjust the recipe to make extra servings:

2 c = 4 T coffee, 8 oz water, 8 ice cubes, 4 c = 8 T coffee, 16 oz water, 16 ice cubes, etc.

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