Simple Ways to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Coffee Habit

Simple Ways to Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Coffee Habit

As we wind down for the evening and review the day, many of us will remember the not-so-positive things that happened. Do not despair. If your mind naturally goes to the negative events that occurred, realize you are not alone as our human brains are hardwired to react more to this type of negative stimuli as part of our survival instinct. 

But how do we change this fact? 

One of the most powerful, yet simple ways to combat negativity is to create more mindfulness in our lives. One of my favorite ways to create a new habit is to tie it to a habit I already enjoy, in this case my morning cup of coffee! Try some of these tips!

  • Sit, breathe deeply and create some space to savor the brew- Pause. Take a deep breath in. Smell the coffee and say thanks for what you are about to drink. Have gratitude for this amazing beverage being a part of your daily routine. Consider the farmers who grew and harvested the coffee beans, the people who drove the trucks to bring you your coffee and the manufacturers who made your coffee pot. Thank our very own Dr. Jack Wolfson for creating Cardiology coffee so that we can enjoy a brew free of toxins, heavy metals, mold and pesticides. Inhale the aroma deeply. Savor the taste as you taste your first sip. 
  • Cultivate a New Habit Through Journaling- Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or reading email, consider drinking your cup of coffee while jotting down 10 items or people you are thankful for in a gratitude journal. Done daily, studies have shown that this practice of keeping a journal of all that is good in one's life will boost your mood and increase productivity. It doesn't matter if the things you list are large or small. It all counts. 
  • Bridge the Relationship Gap- As you sip your coffee, consider the people whose relationships you value. Decide to take one action daily to thank the people in your life for all they have done for you. You can write letters of gratitude to family members, email a work colleague (yes, even that difficult one!), text a friend, reach out and connect with a long-lost friend on social media and thank them for their impact on your life. You will be surprised, taken daily, how these gratitude actions will move and improve all your relationships. (Maybe you can invite one of these people over for coffee this week!) 
  • Pause and Have Gratitude for Your Surroundings- Imagine that today you are sitting outside having coffee on your porch. Be thankful for the blue skies, the sun shining on your face, and the sound of birds chirping. If you are drinking coffee inside your house, be thankful for a dry roof over your head, a comfy chair to sit in, and another day on this earth to fulfill your dreams and purposes. Slowing down, noticing all that is around you is the best way to cure a case of negativity any day! 

Sip, notice, sip, repeat. At least until you have run out of things to be grateful for or at least until you are done with your glorious cup of coffee (or two or three).

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