The Drink of Choice for Athletes

The Drink of Choice for Athletes

I drink coffee every morning.  I love the aroma. I love the taste. I love the health perks. Now I know I can enjoy the sports enhancement benefits as well! I am not a performance athlete by any stretch,  but let's be honest, who couldn't use a little extra energy in their daily workout to increase muscle and stamina! We can use coffee as an ergogenic aid without the negative effects of an energy drink. You can read more about that here: "Coffee vs. Energy Drinks, Which is the Real Winner for Health?" 

Caffeine has long  been known to boost athletic performance; it is a go to substance for athletes. The World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) banned athletes from using caffeine to enhance performance from 1984-2004. They realized after that time it really was not possible to continue to ban a drink whose benefits arise from the daily consumption of 2-5 cups per day. Caffeine is so effective that some organizations such as the NCAA do ban it in high doses.

When it comes to exercise, caffeine effectively: 

  1. Improves athletic performance.
  2. Gives the athlete the ability to perform with greater power and for longer periods.
  3. Decreases central fatigue.
  4. Enhances resistance to fatigue and decreases perceived exertion.
  5. Has analgesic properties, allowing us to move through some minor muscle pains that would otherwise slow down our workout. 

You don't need to be concerned that caffeine intake before exercise  will lead to dehydration; studies have shown that it does not. (see: "The Real Truth About Coffee and Hydration") Consume water as normal but feel free to add in several cups of coffee prior to a workout and see if it increases performance. 

Top athletes use caffeine for training and competition; it is legal and effective. 2-5 cups of coffee per day can boost your performance but so can as little as one. Find your sweet spot, just make sure you are drinking organic and mold free coffee from Cardiology Coffee.

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