By Dr. Jack Wolfson
Feb 19, 2021

What’s all the buzz about coffee? Is it healthy for us to drink? Today’s consumers are demanding foods and beverages that taste great AND are good for your health.

Coffee is just what you are looking for.

Coffee is good for your heart and your brain. We have a ton of information on our website about the heart, so let’s talk more about the everyday brain-benefits of coffee.

  1. More Alertness and Cognitive Boost
    British researchers have shown that caffeine has the potential to boost alertness and wakefulness as well as decrease mental fatigue. In one study involving 9,003 adults, caffeine was linked to improvements in visuospatial reasoning, reaction time, and verbal memory. The Journal of Nutrition found that in addition to short term memory improvements, coffee may have positive long-term effects on thinking skills. Keeping these benefits in mind, it is no surprise many see an improvement in mental performance from their daily coffee consumption.

  2. Faster reaction time and decreased fatigue
    Who doesn’t want better physical performance? While research has found that coffee has a well-established performance-enhancing effect on exercise performance, newer studies further suggest a linkage between caffeine and a reduced reaction time and decreased fatigue during exercise. These physical benefits are even found in aging populations. Coffee may just be that fountain of youth we’ve been searching for!

  3. Mood Boost
    Considering 150 million of American adults consume coffee, we can be thankful for this delicious pick-me-up. Due to its effect on the feel good hormones in the brain, coffee has been linked to improvement in mood and a decrease in depression for those who drink it regularly. In addition, caffeine has been studied as a beneficial addition to treating mood disorders. We could all benefit from something that promotes good mental health these days.

  4. Decreased pain and headaches
    One study in 2013 found that drinking two cups of coffee can reduce post-workout muscle soreness, especially on days 2 and 3. This is a significant discovery for active adults concerned about soreness after an intense workout. Another research group established that caffeine has a mild analgesic effect on headaches, and improves the effectiveness of over the counter analgesic medicines. We all want to be more active and this could be the missing aid we need.

  5. Longer Life
    I recommend that my patients continue to drink their favorite beverage for the cardioprotection as well as holistic health benefits. Many research teams have documented such benefits from coffee. One 2018 study’s findings indicate that coffee consumption is associated with less heart disease, cancer and an overall reduced risk of death! This has widespread implications for us all, so enjoy your brew daily!

Keep It Organic

You can’t discuss the brain without warning against toxins and chemicals in most coffees. Pesticides, mold mycotoxins, and synthetic compounds in conventional coffee likely inhibit brain function as they damage the blood-brain barrier.

We created Cardiology Coffee for the best of all worlds: Taste-Health-Organic

Seeking to Choose Joy

In addition to all the benefits listed above, part of the benefit of coffee may be linked to something profoundly simple: It brings people joy. It is such an uncomplicated pleasure, a ritual linked to holding space for quiet contemplation and connection. Go ahead and enjoy your cup of Joe (or two or three) each morning. Doctor approved!

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