By Dr. Jack Wolfson
Feb 12, 2021

Would you give up coffee (or tea) because it may stain your teeth?

Me neither. But with just a little extra care after your morning cup you can stop those yellow stains from developing.

Your best bet is preventing stains in the first place. Don’t wait until they appear and then assume you can just brush or rinse them away with some toxic mouthwash or teeth whiteners. Even your dentist could have trouble naturally getting the stains out.

Instead, you can take simple steps to prevent the coffee stains in the first place:

Preventing Coffee Stains on Teeth:

  1. Drink water after coffee. It starts the pH reset and removes residue. (Check out our Pristine Hydro Water).
  2. Don’t sip your coffee over a long time period, drink it and be done. In between cups be sure to follow #1.
  3. If you drink iced coffee, drink it through a straw. Preferably through a glass straw. Cold brew is also least likely to stain your teeth.
  4. Wait 30 minutes after drinking your coffee to brush your teeth. Since coffee is on the more acidic side brushing immediately after coffee can actually cause staining.
  5. Swish and spit (or swallow) some apple cider vinegar. Many people report ACV helps to whiten teeth.
  6. Eat your veggies, not only are they good for your heart and overall health, but they are high in water content which can help wash away plaque and bacteria that leads to yellow teeth. Another super hack..our Superfood - 1 tsp in 4oz of water...swish and swallow.

Be careful of the products you use to whiten and clean your teeth. Traditional toothpaste or mouthwash is bad for your health as it disrupts the microbiome of the mouth as well as the gut, not to mention all the added chemicals. These all-natural toothpastes and rinses have been shown to clean and whiten teeth:

Essential Oxygen Pristine Protocol:

Giving up your morning ritual is not necessary for the sake of your teeth when there are easy steps you can take to prevent any staining effects it may have.

Make sure the coffee you are drinking is from Cardiology Coffee! Our organic coffee is loaded with antioxidants, is mold mycotoxin-free, pesticide-free AND 5% of proceeds go to The Friends of Honduran Children. Begin your day with the cleanest cuppa joe!

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