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  • Cold Brew Iced Keto Beverage

    Enjoy this cold drink on a warm day. This beverage is high in protein and good fats and with the addition of collagen, is great for the skin! I love the chia seeds as they are nutrient dense, loaded with antioxidants and fiber and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The added cinnamon can help to regulate blood sugar, relieve digestive discomfort, and improve gut health. This is a delicious way to incorporate some powerhouse nutrients

  • Blends vs. Single Origin Coffee: What is the Difference?

    Just like with premium olive oil, coffee is best when it is single origin. This simply means that the oil or in this case, the coffee is from one particular region or country rather than several different ones. Single origin coffee is generally known for its high quality and purity.

  • A New Morning Ritual: Grind Your Coffee Daily for Optimal Health

    A delicious cup of joe is unbeatable in the morning. This warm and soothing, yet energy-boosting liquid gold, is something so many of us partake of daily, but are you sabotaging the quality by grinding your beans too soon? Do we compromise flavor for convenience? Read on for the scoop on the grind.

  • New Study Says Coffee Leads to Dementia

    Researchers pulled from a database of 400,000 and looked at 17000 MRI scans. They concluded that high coffee intake of more than 6 cups per day led to a 53% higher dementia risk compared to 1-2 cups per day. No comparison was done to those who never drink coffee.

  • Can Cardiology Coffee Protect Your Liver? Fabulous News!

    Fabulous news! Drinking coffee, among other healthy lifestyle choices, helps to prevent poor health and therefore NAFLD. Coffee protects the liver and decreases liver enzymes. Remember, it is only healthy if it is organic and mold and pesticide free like Cardiology Coffee!

  • Breaking news: Coffee consumption decreases instances of COVID

    A recent study published out of Northwestern University found that those who consumed >1 cup of coffee per day had a lesser chance of contracting COVID-19. The study found those who had over 1 cup of coffee per day to have a 10% decreased risk of COVID-19 incidence.

  • 6 Savory Coffee Recipes that Sizzle this Summer

    If you've considered cooking or grilling with coffee, here's your chance to take the leap. Think of it as expanding your culinary horizons, similar to incorporating different types of spirits or exotic spices into your cooking. This summer, let coffee be the star.
  • Coffee Pancakes! Does it Get Any Better?

    Who doesn’t love a good pancake? Add coffee and you can take this favorite to a whole new level!  Enjoy this delicious and easy to follow recipe from functional nutritional therapy practitioner Ali Richmond.
  • Drink Your Decaf Coffee and Reap the Health Benefits Too!

    Do you love the taste of coffee but have trouble with the caffeine?  Perhaps you have been advised not to drink caffeine due to its impact on your sleep, a heart condition such as atrial fibrillation, pregnancy or other conditions.  Well, I have good news for you!  Decaf boasts many of the same fantastic benefits as regular coffee.
  • Upgrade Your Favorite Coffee Drinks- 7 Paleo Coffee Hacks

    One of the most common questions my nutritional clients ask me is whether or not coffee is allowable on the eating plan I recommend for best health, the paleo diet. My answer on coffee consumption has surprised many people who assume they must avoid their favorite beverage to be healthy.
  • 10 Reasons You Can Drink Coffee Every Day

    Coffee is one of those beverages enjoyed by many and not easily relinquished by most. I, for one, do not enjoy asking anyone to give up their morning coffee, fortunately it isn't something I have to do often.  There are so many reasons to continue to enjoy your daily cups of coffee!
  • Why I Cherish My Morning Coffee Routine - Easy Tips to Try

    My morning coffee is really much more than a beverage I sip to start my day. This is my life giving morning ritual. Here are some reasons for you to consider adding a coffee drinking practice into your own life.