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  • Coffee Takes on Another Role in the Body: Detoxification

    Detoxifying the body is not just the latest fad; it needs to occur each and every day for the rest of your life. How do we make this easy? We live a lifestyle in which our body naturally detoxes by the steps we take daily from meditation to sleep to sunshine to nutrient dense food, clean water and high quality coffee.  
  • Inflammation: Can Coffee Reduce it?

    Coffee is one of the richest sources of antioxidants in the American diet. Coffee (decaffeinated too) contains some pretty impressive compounds which contribute to its health benefits and lower inflammation.

  • Protect Your Liver From Alcohol Damage: Drink More Coffee!

    Researchers have discovered many health benefits of  drinking coffee. In this post, we will discuss the various ways coffee can help protect your liver against damage, specifically from too much alcohol use.
  • Texas Chili With A Twist

    I hail from Texas, and in my state it is no joke that we are fiercely competitive about our chili.  I love having my dinner guests try to guess the intricate flavor makeup here that stems from the addition of two of my favorite foods- coffee and chocolate!
  • Coffee For Your Hair? Surprising Tips and Benefits

    If your morning typically starts with a cup or two of joe and you are looking for another reason to incorporate more coffee into your life, we have one that might surprise is actually great for your hair.
  • How to Be More Productive With Your Morning Cup of Coffee

    One thing I know to be true- we all want to get more productivity out of our days and achieve more of what we want in life.  Sounds easier to say than do. But here is the answer: Habit stacking.  What is this?  Keep reading to discover more.

  • What Everyone Ought to Know About Coffee and Heart Attacks

    Besides drinking good quality coffee that is toxin, heavy metal, mold and pesticide free like my favorite Cardiology Coffee, here are 3 other ways to support a healthy heart and reduce heart attacks while enjoying your morning brew safely.
  • Coffee Infused Bacon

    If you love coffee and if you love bacon too, then why not combine the two for a brunch treat you’ll return to time again?  Enjoy this recipe for coffee infused bacon from Dr. Jack Wolfson!

  • 5 Surprising Ways Coffee Is Good for Your Skin

    We often discuss the internal benefits of coffee. But did you know coffee can be great for your skin? Yes, it’s true. Coffee lovers can now celebrate as we unfold some of the top benefits for your skin!

  • Why Ghee Makes a Ghee-reat Addition to Your Coffee

    If the thought of a steaming cup of coffee brings a smile to your face, consider a new twist- adding some ghee! Ghee, or clarified butter, is a tasty and healthy addition to coffee. Check out some of the benefits.
  • Is Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

    Pure black coffee may actually help promote healthy weight management. Just don’t make this healthy beverage a weight loss liability by drinking it in the wrong way. This is one reason I choose to enjoy the goodness of pure black coffee
  • The Secret Benefits of The Coffee Buzz

    What’s all the buzz about coffee? Is it healthy for us to drink? Today’s consumers are demanding foods and beverages that taste great AND are good for your health.