A New Morning Ritual: Grind Your Coffee Daily for Optimal Health

A New Morning Ritual: Grind Your Coffee Daily for Optimal Health

A delicious cup of joe is unbeatable in the morning. This warm and soothing, yet energy-boosting liquid gold, is something so many of us partake of daily, but are you sabotaging the quality by grinding your beans too soon? Do we compromise flavor for convenience? Read on for the scoop on the grind. 

Coffee is best 2-3 weeks after roasting and this is why Cardiology Coffee sells small batches. To maintain the integrity of the oils and slow oxidation, it is best to leave in whole-bean form until ready to use. 

Why delay the grind? 

Organic things decay. It’s just part of life, and oxygen is a potent mechanism of this process. Oxidation occurs when cut apples turn brown, metals become rusted, and pennies turn green. 

Oxidation is also detrimental to our coffee. When we buy pre-ground coffee or grind it at home and use it little by little, it oxidizes and becomes stale, losing its oils, flavors, and phytonutrient content due to decay. Keeping it in bean form until ready to use helps slow the oxidation process and keep all of those quality flavors and heart healthy nutrients. 

We only sell whole bean coffee and now you know why. We want to provide you with coffee teeming with phytonutrients. Cardiology coffee is clean - our organic, pesticide and mold free coffee provides all the benefits of coffee without toxic contaminants. 

Don’t forget this very important piece of your morning routine: use clean water! Cheers and enjoy!

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