Blends vs. Single Origin Coffee: What is the Difference?

Blends vs. Single Origin Coffee: What is the Difference?

Just like with premium olive oil, coffee is best when it is single origin. This simply means that the oil or in this case, the coffee is from one particular region or country rather than several different ones. Single origin coffee is generally known for its high quality and purity. 

Experienced coffee connoisseurs can often identify the region simply based on the taste of the coffee. In some cases coffees that are single origin are only available at particular times of the year, but fortunately for us, Cardiology Coffee, which is sourced in Honduras, is available all year round. The Honduran weather allows for the constant growing of these fabulous beans. 

“Exotic” and “unique” are words used to describe single origin coffee, much deserved words for this particular brand. Being that it is from just one location, the taste is rather exclusive as compared to blends and the acidity, boldness and flavours are more striking and robust. 

When you drink single origin sourced coffee, expect to be surprised with the nuances in flavors from batch to batch as opposed to blends which don’t leave you guessing. Single origin flavors are unaltered and unique. On the other hand, the flavor of the blends is rather consistent and the resulting cup, more mellow. 

Start your day with our single blend, organic, mold free coffee!

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