Cold Brew Iced Keto Beverage

Cold Brew Iced Keto Beverage

Enjoy this cold drink on a warm day. This beverage is high in protein and good fats and with the addition of collagen, is great for the skin! 

I love the chia seeds as they are nutrient dense, loaded with antioxidants and fiber and high in Omega-3 fatty acids. The added cinnamon can help to regulate blood sugar, relieve digestive discomfort, and improve gut health. This is a delicious way to incorporate some powerhouse nutrients: 


1 c cold brew coffee (for techniques on cold brew see: “DIY Pour Over Iced Coffee”) 

1 tbsp soaked chia “gel” *

½ frozen green banana

½ c coconut milk or ¼ c coconut cream

2 scoops Vanilla or Chocolate Collagen Protein

Cinnamon to taste 

Optional toppings: hemp seeds, cocoa nibs, shredded coconut 


Pour cold brew coffee into a blender and blend on low, add chia gel, coconut milk, collagen, and cinnamon. Blend until combined. Add frozen banana and blend on high until smooth. Pour over ice and add optional toppings. 

*Chia gel: soak about 1 tbsp of chia seeds in about 6 tbsp water, shake gently. Leave overnight in the fridge where they can be kept. 

Option for a warm drink: leave out the chia seeds and green banana, combine all ingredients and warm on the stovetop. Be sure to use high quality organic, mold and toxin free Cardiology Coffee. 

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