Coffee and the Microbiome: What the Research Says

Coffee and the Microbiome: What the Research Says

Coffee gets your day moving in multiple ways: inside and out! With more and more information coming out about the microbiome lately, we thought it was a good idea to talk about the most consumed drink and its impact on this landscape. 

The fantastic news is, we can add a "healthy microbiome" to the list of benefits from daily coffee consumption.High quality coffee that is organic and mold and toxin free fights unhealthy fat, inflammation and obesity, protects the brain and keeps arteries healthy. It has been shown that coffee drinkers have healthier compositions of gut bacteria, not surprising as coffee contains over 1500 active ingredients which contribute to the health of the microbiome

Both decaffeinated and regular coffee appear to have benefits although caffeine and chlorogenic acid have been shown to restoreshort chain fatty acids (SCFA) which are nutrition for cells in the colon which have a prebiotic effect. Prebiotics feed  beneficial gut bacteria. Thankfully, the more coffee, the higher the gut diversity and 3-5 cups per day appears to be the sweet spot for this benefit.

As many have experienced, coffee improves bowel movement by increasing motility and although this study was done with caffeine, it is alsocaffeine independent. Coffee may increase the ability of the muscles in the small intestine to contract and actually cause changes in the smooth muscle and colon.

Our goal is to keep the gut healthy because negative alterations in the gut microbiome can lead to a number of issues such as fatty liver, IBD and cardiovascular disease to name a few. When motility is slow, bacteria and yeast are not properly cleared from the body and get backed up in the small intestine, possibly leading to conditions such as SIBO or yeast overgrowth. In order to balance the bacteria in the gut we must move our bowels.

We love to give you reasons to continue to enjoy your morning cup ofCardiology Coffee! All the other factors that would contribute to gut dysbiosis such as toxins, pesticides and molds, are not in this high quality brand. Drink up knowing you are providing benefits to your intestinal tract as well as bacterial balance.

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