How to Be More Productive With Your Morning Cup of Coffee

How to Be More Productive With Your Morning Cup of Coffee

One thing I know to be true- we all want to get more productivity out of our days and achieve more of what we want in life. 

Sounds easier to say than do. But here is the answer: 

Habit stacking.

What is this? 

I recently read a book on productivity called Atomic Habits. The book discusses how to pair a new action I desire to implement, such as writing out a daily goals list, with an action I already like to do, such as enjoying an amazing cup of coffee. 

By setting up my morning routine to have my coffee only if and when I am listing out my daily goals, I accomplish a task I may have been putting off by pairing it with something I find really enjoyable. Wow! 

In order for habit stacking to work, you need to find the right existing habit to stack your new habit on. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when you're choosing your habit trigger. Think about the time of day you'd like to implement your new habit. Also, make sure to choose an existing habit that you do everyday without exception. 

Here are habit stacking examples that may give you some inspiration: 

  • After I drink 8 ounces of water, I will enjoy my first cup of coffee.
  • After I exercise for 30 minutes, I will enjoy 30 minutes in my sauna.
  • After I brush my teeth, I will enjoy ten minutes of yoga./span> 

Carving out the time to add in a new habit during my coffee ritual works well since I am most productive in the mornings and truly enjoy my coffee ritual each and every day. I have some down time as I have slowedthe brewing process into a time for myself to recoup a few minutes of quiet using a pour-over coffee carafe.

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We can use habit stacking in any area we want to create a new habit - beginning to exercise, paying our bills on time or taking steps to build a business. The book discusses using reinforcement as well for more success. It is critical to give yourself an immediate reward when you complete your new habit, thus reinforcing the pattern. It is helpful to know WHY you're trying to create the new habit. Trying to meditate or exercise every day isn't going to be sustainable if you're only doing it because you think you should, and not because you actually want to. 

For me, that reward is likely going to be another steaming cup of my favorite brew, Cardiology Coffee. Performed one day at a time, we can each create new habits that lead to increased success in our days, weeks and lives as a whole. Try habit stacking out today!

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