Coffee For Your Hair? Surprising Tips and Benefits

Coffee For Your Hair? Surprising Tips and Benefits

We have good news for all the coffee lovers out there!

If your morning typically starts with a cup or two of joe and you are looking for another reason to incorporate more coffee into your life, we have one that might surprise is actually great for your hair.

Take a look at the potential benefits of using coffee on your hair and how to use it for best results.

  1. Restores and promotes hair growth - Those with weak hair follicles may experience abnormal hair loss and baldness. Coffee can stimulate hair follicles and prevents the loss of hair in both males and females. Applying caffeinated coffee topically to the scalp and hair has been found to reduce hair loss and promote regrowth.         
  2. Improves hair's look and texture - Anecdotal evidence suggests that rinsing your hair with coffee  can decrease the dullness of hair, making it appear smoother and reduce frizz. The antioxidants in coffee will help strengthen it from within  leaving it  softer and glossier. Coffee is useful for treating dry, damaged, and unmanageable hair and adds a healthy sheen.
  3. Increases blood circulation - Using coffee grounds topically can help increase blood circulation in the scalp. This natural exfoliation process assists in moving nutrients to the hair roots, stimulating hair cell production.
  4. Colors hair without chemicals - Coffee is a simple, chemical-free, and effective DIY? method to naturally darken the color of your hair. If you have dark brown or black hair, coffee is a wonderful choice for touching up gray hairs or just enhancing your normal hair color with a coffee stain. However, using coffee topically is not recommended if you have lighter blonde or red hair. 

A few precautions:

Never apply hot coffee to your hair or scalp. Always use cool coffee to avoid burns and damage. Also, take care if you have lighter colored hair, as the coffee may darken hair.

Just as with the coffee you drink, make sure the coffee you use cosmetically is organic, mold and toxin free and prepare it with quality water. Cardiology coffee is a great choice for both your morning cup and personal beauty needs.

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