Breaking news: Coffee consumption decreases instances of COVID

Breaking news: Coffee consumption decreases instances of COVID

Improving your body's natural defense has always been the best way to prevent illness. 

In order to support the immune system, we must limit the amount of processed foods, alcohol and other toxins in our food and environment. Avoidance of toxins is key. 

There are so many things we as doctors always tell patients to avoid, so I'm happy to share something that I can have patients include in their daily routine. 

A recent study published out of Northwestern University found that those who consumed >1 cup of coffee per day had a lesser chance of contracting COVID-19. The benefit was even greater for those consuming 2-3 cups of coffee per day. 

The data obtained from the study identified multiple dietary patterns, including consumption of coffee, tea, vegetables, processed meats and having been breastfed as a child. 

The study found those who had over 1 cup of coffee per day to have a 10% decreased risk of COVID-19 incidence. 

Coffee provides beneficial plant derived nutrients that often fall short in a standard diet. 

Can you imagine the benefits your immune system could gain with a better coffee bean?! 

Cardiology coffee uses a smokeless roasting process to maximize these healthy chemicals in the coffee bean. 

Add something you can feel good about to your daily routine. 

If you are interested in this and other ways to support your immune system, call to schedule with one of our health coaches or practitioners today.

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