Coffee Takes on Another Role in the Body: Detoxification

Coffee Takes on Another Role in the Body: Detoxification

Coffee is one of, if not the most, popular drink on the planet! It tastes great and provides so many benefits: can it help us detox too? 

Detoxifying the body is not just the latest fad; it needs to occur each and every day for the rest of your life. How do we make this easy? We live a lifestyle in which our body naturally detoxes by the steps we take daily from meditation to sleep to sunshine to nutrient dense food, clean water and high quality coffee.  

Fortunately for us coffee lovers, coffee can actually help with detox on a daily basis. The key is to source coffee free of pesticides and molds and roasted at temperatures that maximize its benefits. Cardiology Coffee fits the bill! 

Be sure to only add ingredients that support health like butter, ghee, MCT oil and collagen. Avoid those nasty creamers that will most certainly clog up the detox pathways and your arteries! You can check out all the options of what to add in “7 Ways to Boost Your Wellness in Your Daily Joe”. 

More good news: over the years, through study after study, coffee has proven to be more helpful than harmful. It has fallen in and out of favor in the past but due to the latest research, it is claiming its permanent position on the list of contributions to optimal health. 

How Does Coffee Help Us Detox? 

Coffee is 95% water and although the caffeine has been considered a diuretic it isn’t as dehydrating as we once thought. We can include  the water with which we make our coffee in our record of daily intake. When consumed in moderate amounts (3-5 c/day)  it does not lead to dehydration. A sufficient amount of fluids throughout the day allows us to flush toxins, reduce inflammation and keep all of our organs hydrated and functioning well. 

Coffee contains nutrients like riboflavin which improves liver detox function, niacin, magnesium which stimulates cell activity so the cell can excrete toxins, pantothenic acid and potassium.  All of these micronutrients support the liver and colon. In addition, coffee is teeming with antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, cafestol, trigonelline and kahweol which help to balance detox pathways. Antioxidants are cleansers - they convert free radicals into harmless substances to be eliminated by the body. 

The Liver, Coffee and Detox 

We have one liver, let’s treat it kindly as it performs over 500 vital functions in the human body and is responsible for so much of the detoxification process.

Coffee has been shown to not only support the liver through the detox pathways but it also has an impact on liver disease. There are specific enzymes that show liver damage which are reduced significantly in regular coffee consumers. And research shows that there is an association in the reduction of liver cancer among coffee consumers versus non coffee consumers. It keeps our liver happy which improves our ability to detoxify our body. 

No matter what you call it: cuppa  joe, dirt, liquid energy, mud, coffee is truly a powerhouse that can contribute to detoxing and better health. It must be free of toxins, mold and pesticides, like Cardiology Coffee, or it will clog the liver and not only prevent detox but add to the toxic burden. Also use clean, filtered water since the source of most water is contaminated with everything from pharmaceuticals to environmental chemicals. We love the Pristine Hydro water system and it makes the coffee taste even better!

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