8 Tips to Eliminate Heartburn After Coffee (Hint: Don’t Give It Up!)

8 Tips to Eliminate Heartburn After Coffee (Hint: Don’t Give It Up!)

I don't know about you, but I don't want anything getting in the way of enjoying my morning cup of joe. However, for those who suffer from acid reflux, heartburn is not a side effect from coffee anyone wants to experience!

Fortunately, giving up coffee is often not the answer! 

There are likely other reasons you are experiencing heartburn. It can be attributed to a weak or faulty sphincter muscle and/or poor digestion. In addition, being overweight or obese significantly increases the risk of reflux. In one study they neutralized the acidity and consumers still experienced heartburn.

We recommend options that still allow for you to enjoy your morning coffee!

8 Ways to Reduce Your Risk of Heartburn from Coffee: 

  1. Caffeine - When caffeine intake is too high, the sphincter muscle relaxes which creates an opening for acid to rise up into your esophagus. Try half caf. Cardiology Coffee sells both caffeinated and decaffeinated. 
  2. Shadegrown - Shade grown coffee is less acidic. 
  3. Arabica Beans - These beans have less caffeine than Robusta and therefore are less likely to cause reflux. 
  4. Swiss Water Processed Decaf - This water process lowers the acid naturally. 
  5. Cold brew - Cold brew is less acidic. If you like iced coffee, try the cold brew method; it reduces acidity by up to 70%. 
  6. Pour Over -  The pour over method with a filter extracts the oils which can contribute to heartburn in some people. 
  7. Additions - Make butter coffee or add organic grass fed cream. This can neutralize the acid. 
  8. Salt - You can even try adding a little salt to your coffee to neutralize the acid - just a touch but not enough to affect the flavor. 

Keep in mind that not all coffee is created equal. If you have had heartburn from coffee in the past consider other factors that could have contributed to the reflux such as pesticides, toxins or mold. These all disrupt the microbiome with the potential to cause reflux. Consider your coffee quality and make sure it is mold, toxin and pesticide free like Cardiology Coffee.

Whatever you do, don't give up too soon. The benefits of coffee are numerous and if you enjoy it as I do, test out some ways in which you can alleviate heartburn. And be sure to explore other causes that can be contributing to your acid reflux.

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