Struggling With Adrenal Fatigue? Don’t Quit Your Coffee Habit!

Struggling With Adrenal Fatigue? Don’t Quit Your Coffee Habit!

Adrenal fatigue is a common term used in the natural medicine community. Today's society is stressed by everything from carpools to board meetings. Many people move from one cup of coffee to the next to keep their energy up. This begs the question:  Does coffee negatively affect your adrenal glands and contribute to adrenal fatigue or is it a positive boost to your day? You may be surprised.

It Boils Down to Bio- Individuality 

Studies have been done on the effect of caffeine on the adrenal glands, but conflicting information still remains: 

  • Studies have shown caffeine increases stress hormones. On the other hand, studies have shown caffeine has no impact on cortisol response.

  • Research has found that drinking coffee does not impact cortisol levels but when combined with mental stress there seems to be an increase.

  • Studies have also shown that as your body gets used to the caffeine, even if there is a stress response initially, the body adjusts, and the stress response tends to dissipate. 

The truth is the science is not clear on caffeine and adrenal fatigue or cortisol. Our advice is to see how it affects you. Much of the jitters and the stress on the adrenals can be attributed to mold and toxins in conventionally grown coffee rather than the coffee bean itself. We recommend you try a clean coffee like Cardiology Coffee to determine whether caffeinated or decaf is best for you. Don't be too quick to give up coffee as it plays a role in lowering inflammation! 

Cortisol is a hormone that has gotten a bad rap, but it really only has a negative impact when it is constantly excreted. What is actually causing the stress response? Caffeinated coffee? Life in general? Food to which you are sensitive? I don't think there is a blanket answer we can give you yet so just see how it makes you feel. Regardless, you will love Cardiology Coffee (light, medium and dark roasts) and gain health benefits from both regular and decaf! We really can "Drink Coffee as Part of a Healthy Lifestyle".


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