Can We Really Drink Coffee As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

Can We Really Drink Coffee As Part of a Healthy Lifestyle?

In short, yes! While past literature painted the picture of coffee as detrimental to health, we now know that coffee is beneficial to heart health, brain health overall longevity.  It has also been shown to reduce the risk of some types of cancer. So, drink away.

Just keep in mind that how you drink your coffee matters in order to gain the most benefit. Here are our top 5 tips to enjoy your brew in the best manner for overall wellness. 

5 Tips to Enjoy Your Brew for Optimal Wellness:

  1. Time it right

    So many of us enjoy drinking coffee upon rising. We all love that boost to help us wake up and increase our energy. While it is certainly fine to enjoy coffee early in the morning, it is best to drink at least 16 oz of pure clean water beforehand, to ensure you are properly hydrated after a night's sleep. For many, the best time to drink your cup of coffee is between 9:30 am and 11:30 am. This time frame is when you will reap the most benefits in terms of productivity, increasing metabolism and digestion before lunch. It offers an energy boost when your cortisol levels naturally drop mid-morning.

    We recommend drinking coffee earlier in the day (before 3 pm approx.) so that the caffeine does not interfere with quality sleep. Of course, we are all bio-individual, so pay close attention to the way your body responds to coffee and adjust your usage to a pattern that best suits your own body and lifestyle. Speaking of timing, if you enjoy fasting as part of a healthy lifestyle this article will make your day: "Great News About Coffee and Fasting".

  2. Slow the flow

    The process of preparing coffee can be part of a beautiful morning mindfulness practice, one that allows you to slow down and really enjoy the moment. We love using a pour-over coffee maker for this very reason. Taking a bit longer to allow the coffee to brew gives space in the day, creating room for activities such as stretching, meditation, or gratitude.

    To more fully embrace each cup you brew, allow yourself to notice the aroma of your coffee. Even watching it brew can be meditative and enhance the experience. Giving yourself a few uninterrupted moments will help your body to relax, de-stress and be grounded in the present, preparing you for the day ahead. Coffee is more than a drink. It really is an experience that makes a beautiful addition to a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

  3. Enjoy Responsibly

    The freshly ground quality beans you are brewing with pure clean water (see "Best Water for Your Coffee") are intentionally grown to supply a powerful mix of antioxidants and health benefits. The problems with coffee stem from the additives some are choosing to include in their coffee in the form of sweeteners, creamers and the like.  Check out "Seven Ways to Boost Your Wellness in Your Cup of Joe". Do not allow your morning cup to be polluted by adding harmful ingredients . High quality, mold-free, organic coffee that is properly prepared has a beautiful natural aroma and taste that does need to be masked. You will find that as you switch to using Cardiology Coffee, your need to cover up the poor taste will likely fall away, as most people add flavorings as a result of poorly processed, low quality coffee beans.  If you are still phasing out of your old habits, and are craving that bit of added sweetness, try adding a pinch of cinnamon, a dash of vanilla or a small amount of raw honey or monk fruit powder instead.

  4. Don't use coffee as a crutch for bad habits

    There is not a problem with consuming coffee if you enjoy the flavor and the health benefits it provides. But be sure not to use it as a crutch. What does this mean? Like any other food or beverage, do not use it to get by if you aren't getting the proper amount of sleep at night or exercise during your day. Do not use it to replace the pure clean water that we all need daily. Do not use it as an excuse to add more sugar, etc. into your diet. Coffee drinking should be used as part of an already healthy lifestyle.

  5. Lastly, make sure you're drinking the right kind of coffee

    Now that you have created time and space to properly appreciate the experience of coffee drinking, don't ruin this ritual by using poor quality coffee. Never buy pre-ground coffee from the grocery or convenience store, as these products are rancid, oxidized, over-roasted (burnt) and contaminated with chemicals and toxins. We recommend coffee beans that are organic, mold-free, single origin and properly roasted. We love that quality coffee is not only delicious but heart healthy to boot. 

You will love Cardiology Coffee!

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