Why I Cherish My Morning Coffee Routine - Easy Tips to Try

Why I Cherish My Morning Coffee Routine - Easy Tips to Try

It's a little after 6 am. Outside my kitchen window, the balmy Texas summer rainstorm that began yesterday evening is slowly dissipating with the sun's first rays. From the comfort of my cozy kitchen, the day is already underway. There's a substantial stone mug carefully placed atop the runner of my kitchen table, and the beverage that fills it to the brim is a strong, dark  liquid teeming with a wonderfully rich aroma. A self-professed creature of habit, the delicious mug sitting in front of me will be the first of two I enjoy each morning.

Many of you will agree that there's really nothing quite like those initial sips of that first cup of joe. But my morning coffee is really much more than a beverage I sip to start my day.

This is my life giving morning ritual. Here are some reasons for you to consider adding a coffee drinking practice into your own life: 

  1. Time: It's the gift of time for myself- time to slow down, meditate and reflect while enjoying a healthful beverage.
  2. Planning: It's the space where I plan out my day and prepare for what will come.
  3. Self care: I give myself the gift of space to listen to my favorite music, podcast, and quiet time to focus on positive inputs into my mind, often cultivating gratitude in the process.
  4. Wellness boost: It encourages me to rise with the sun, set my body up for quality sleep as well as add in more nutrient-dense foods into my diet.
  5. Aroma: The aroma of fresh coffee brewing invokes feelings of happiness and positive memories.
  6. Energy: My glorious coffee helps me to wake up more fully, boost my mood and focus my brain on the day ahead.
  7. Productivity: My enjoyment of making daily coffee has helped me jump start other habits during my morning as well. 

Try experimenting with some different roast levels of Cardiology Coffee and seek out different brewing techniques to see what you like best to create a morning ritual you love! See our brewing guide for more information.

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