10 Reasons You Can Drink Coffee Every Day

10 Reasons You Can Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee is one of those beverages enjoyed by many and not easily relinquished by most. I, for one, do not enjoy asking anyone to give up their morning coffee, fortunately it isn't something I have to do often.

There are so many reasons to continue to enjoy your daily cups of coffee!

  1. Caffeine in coffee improves athletic performance and allows an athlete to perform with greater power and for longer periods. It also enhances resistance to fatigue and decreases perceived exertion.
  2. Coffee contributes to the health of the microbiome.  It has been shown that coffee drinkers have healthier compositions of gut bacteria, not surprising as coffee contains over 1500 active ingredients which contribute to health.
  3. Coffee is a great "energy drink" without the toxic energy drink additives. It is low in calories and free from excess synthetic vitamins. Depending on which energy drink you buy, you may end up with significantly more caffeine, sugar and chemicals than you'll find in a cup of coffee.
  4. Coffee can prevent a stroke. Coffee changes blood vessel physiology and alters blood flow, which leads to lowered blood pressure, inhibits the oxidation of LDL particles, lowers the risk and the progression of atherosclerosis, ward off heart failure, prevent heart attacks and keep metabolic health in check and is associated with a lower risk of blood clots.
  5. Coffee is anti-aging. Caffeine protects against the diseases of aging which are, quite simply, diseases of inflammation. Coffee, both decaf and regular, contain antioxidants which help prevent premature aging.
  6. Coffee is great for detox. Coffee contains nutrients like riboflavin which improves liver detox function, niacin, magnesium which stimulates cell activity so the cell can excrete toxins, pantothenic acid and potassium.  All of these micronutrients support the liver and colon.
  7. Great source of antioxidants for lowering inflammation. Many compounds in both regular and decaf coffee reduce inflammation but caffeine also plays a specific role. It can block adenosine, high levels of which sparks inflammation. Caffeine may also block pathways that produce inflammatory molecules.
  8. It is good for your skin. Coffee can reduce the appearance of cellulite, minimize dark circles and reduce the risk of skin cancers.
  9. Coffee has weight loss benefits.  Coffee is low in calories, boosts the metabolism and reduces the appetite.
  10. Coffee lowers blood pressure. In 2018, researchers found that coffee consumption at 3 or more cups per day was linked to lower blood pressure versus those who drank only 1 cup per day. Another study in 2019 found similar beneficial results on lowering blood pressure with coffee consumption.

Keep in mind that on average the ½ life of coffee is about 5-6 hours. 50% of the caffeine will remain in the body after this time and approximately 3 hours later 25% will remain. After 12 hours there is a negligible amount of caffeine remaining in the body. Time your coffee intake so that it does not interfere with a good night's sleep! And always be sure your coffee is organic and mold and toxin free just like Cardiology Coffee. Cardiology Coffee, from our heart to yours. ❤️

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